Indi Books: Call To Publishers

I've been reading a lot of Indi books lately (for you Muggles, that's books published by a smaller independent publisher).

While it's sometime hit or miss, I've been enjoying them.

Over Thanksgiving, I finished The Race by Dave Shields (Three Story Press, 2004). Although not a book I would normally pick up, it was a compelling read. It's the story of one man's bicycle journey through the Tour de France. The main character, who is riding for the European team because he was kicked off the American team, overcomes a lot of obstacles to ride to his peak performance. Shields plays with time using flashbacks as the mind wanders through the mileage accumulated on the tour. This is book about the journey and it's done very well.

Reading this and other Indi books has gotten me to thinking, how does one start a publishing company? Is it as simple as hanging your metaphorical shingle over your desk, designing a logo, grabbing something worth publishing and going? Here's a call to Indi publishers--email me at bookaday @ gmail.com and let me know how you started. What were your triumphs and tragedies and what compelled you to start. Depending on the response, I'll either print the emails or do some interviews.

Also, if there's anyone out there that can fix my comments, please let me know. I've thrown up my hands in exhaustion.

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