Here's a list of bestsellers from a great Chicago independent bookstore, after-words books. No web address, but they're at 23 E. Illinois. 312.464.1110. You can buy books from them online here:http://dogbert.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchEntry?vci=27313.

Top 5 New Books Sold
1. DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY by Erik Larson (Vintage, trade paperback, $14.95)
2. HAUNTED by Chuck Palahniuk(Doubleday, hardback, $24.95)
3. THE CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR OF 1893: A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD. Text by Stanley Appelbaum (Dover Publications, trade paperback, $12.95)
4. HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY by Douglas Adams (Ballantine, mass market, $7.99)
5. NFT: NOT FOR TOURISTS GUIDE TO CHICAGO 2005 edited by Jane Pirone (Not For Tourists, Inc., trade paperback, $16.95).

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