Campaign For Reader Privacy

I try to seprate reading and politics, but this is something that mixes both and must be addressed.

The US Patriot Act is a dangerous one. In addition to breaking a host of other civil liberties, this act allows federal agents to gain access to anyone's book habits. Through libraries, booksellers, publishers, everything. This in the name of international terrorism, a labeling so broad that it's been applied to anyone the government has been watching, even the good guys.

Yes, there are terrorists out there. Yes, they might be reading. But to enact a law that grants universal access to our records is heavyhanded, unjust, and reminiscent of the Red Scare and other witch hunts.

America was a free country, with the ability to educate ourselves in whatever method we choose. For many of us, we choose reading.

There's a Campaign for Reader Privacy: www.readerprivacy,org. The first step is to sign the petition. The second step is to get out there and use your voice.

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