How Do You Read?

Pop Quiz: How do you read? What are your preferences? Hard cover, paperback, ebook? Do you ever read books onscreen (via PDA, cell phone, ereader, monitor)? Would you?

My preferences: paperback (easier to haul around in my purse). I'm trying to get into the ereader thing. I started Silas Marner on my PDA/cell phone.

Two new book reviews up in the Book Review section. I also moved all the 2005 reviews over to the Book Review Archive.

Currently Reading:
The iTetralogy, Pg. 255.
Scion brochure.
Silas Marner, Pg. 2.


Club Sammich said...

I agree on the paperbacks, but I don't think the 928 page one I've got at the moment is going to fit in my purse.

Not that I carry one... nope... uh... What's that over there?!?


Karen said...

I like paperbacks because they are small. But I really like hardbacks becuase the font is bigger and the paper is heavier. Reading at the computer is fun, but readiing a good book in the tub is better.