New Directions

When I created this blog back in 2004, I needed an outlet to write about the books I read. I went through so many so fast I was afraid I wouldn't remember them. And, to quote from my first post, books are like friends. You don't want to forget your friends. So I used this space to catalog what I had read.

I got lucky and found that I wasn't alone in my love of books. Other writers came to contribute their thoughts. Novelists began sending me their works. Groups asked me to judge their book contests. It was a dream.

We ran for a couple of years. And it was a good run. Then, I got a job in media and was asked to stop blogging. So I did.

But, I continued reading. And I began writing fiction again, an art I have enjoyed for many moons.

This brings me to now. I'm in a different job, still in the media, but one that allows me the freedom to present my thoughts. So, I'm in the process of restarting things here.

What I envision you'll see here: my thoughts on reading, writing, Chicago's literary scene (what I see of it, as I'm no expert), the library and any other trouble I can cause.

Fellow writers, I'm happy to read your work if you're kind enough to send it. E-mail me: bkl (at) brandikleinertlarsen (dot) com and we can discuss it. I prefer fiction, short and long, but will read most anything you put in my hands.

You can always see what I'm reading through the book covers in the right rail, courtesy of GoodReads. Feel free to check out my writing at my main site.


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