Arrg, Pirates!

The Nigerians are worried that literary pirates are pillaging the publishing industry.  Here's Vincent Igbinedion's article from allafrica.com.  Igbinedion does have a point.  When I worked at a literary agency, there were constantly problems with our authors' rights from China.  It seems that almost all owners of property, especially intellectual and copyrighted, have reasons to lose sleep because of Chinese and Malaysian infringers.

The sky isn't falling.  At least not for books as we know them. We're just in the middle of a hurricane.  This insightful, if reactionary, article is from reporters Kevin Nance and Mike Thomas at the Chicago Sun Times.

Just Finished:

The Devil in the White City.  Erik Larson.  Vintage Books (a division of Random House).  432 pages.

Nothing To Fall Back On.  Betsy Carter.  Hyperion. 289 pages.
Reviews to follow.

Current Reads:

The Lovely Bones.  Alice Sebold.  Little, Brown and Company. 0/328 pages.

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