What Are You Rereading?

That's it. That ALA has finally done a study (while not scientific and based purely on member opinions).

People are rereading books. Faulkner makes the list. So does Rowling with Harry Potter. A Christmas Carol and the Great Gatsby are seasonal favorites.

The study reports that we reread books we encountered as a child. While I agree, I also think there's more too it. I reread books because I miss the characters or love the author's voice.
(On my list of favorite rereads are Written on the Body and The Adventures of Dr. Dolittle.)

What do you reread?

In more JK Rowling news, she's pregnant with her third child. While she says that it won't affect the publication of her yet-to-be-completed sixth novel, there is no publication date.

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Matt said...

I've reread the Chronicles of Narnia several times. And Mere Christianity a couple times. Think I like C.S. Lewis?