Back Online

Welcome to the new and improved version of BookADay.

Sorry about the down time. We hope you'll find it as time well-spent. Enjoy our new look and new sections: Current Book Reviews and a Book Review archive. (Good idea for a book review blog, huh?)

You'll also notice some new contributors. Thanks to Maxwell, Matt Larsen and Shane Wilson for your great reviews.

You'll still be able to find your old favorites, such as current book publishing news, library information and the Currently Reading section.

If you have a review you would like to write, have a book that you would like reviewed or suggestions for what you'd like to see on BookADay, please query Brandi at bookaday@gmail.com.

It feels great to be back.

Currently Reading:
Wuthering Heights. Bronte, Emily. Signet Classic (reprint): 121/322.

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