Ebooks and Book Bloggers

The New York Public Library is breaking down the barriers to get more people reading. NY Public Library patrons can now check out ebooks-- instantly downloadable to your computer, PDA or Ipod. Hopefully, more libraries will follow this path.


Publishers have started to look at blogs as an alternate means of publicity, as well as review hotspots. This is especially true of smaller publishers. So, let's get this "off the porch" as Karen Grigsby Bates says in her report. Keep reading. Tell your friends. Link to BookADay Book Review Blog. Champion the books you love. Write reviews. Read reviews. This is the place for more reviews to come. (Audio story from NPR.)

Currently Reading:
Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights. Signet Classic: 2004 (or. pub: 1847). 137/322.

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