$8000=Entire Penguin Collection

Over the summer, Penguin released its Classic Library Complete Collection available through Amazon. For slightly less than $8K, you can own almost every book in Penguin's catalogue. It's a good thing the shipping is free because it weighs 700 lbs. Wow.

The New York Times: 1,082 Penguin Books story has the tale of one family who bought.

Can you imagine if all publishers released their collection this way? Granted, Penguin's collection lends itself the most easily to this, but wouldn't it be cool for bibliophiles to own the collections of their favorite publishers in one bulk purchase.

In case you're curious of what to get me for the holidays, it's on my wishlist.

Thanks to Shane for the update.


Matt said...

If we ever get this, we're going to buy a plot of land, some shellac and build a house out of these books. That, or the next time we go to IKEA, I get to buy all the cheap bookshelves I damn well want.


Karen said...

Too funny. I like the building the house out of books idea. Sounds like Matt want's some bookshelves. :-) Happy Thanksgiving! Love Karen