Delicious Library

Woah, what a cool program. For $40, it allows you to catalogue your entire book, music, and DVD library. I'm currently trying the demo version to see how it handles my personal book library (at the last move over 800). I'll report back on how well it does.


Club Sammich said...

Cool idea. Anybody here aware of a similar product for PC? I'd like to check it out, but this one's Mac only.

That and their privacy policy seems a little wierd to me... "(except the intrinsic address on the channel used to communicate with Amazon)" Been designing networks for 4 years and I've never heard that one before...

Otherwise, seems cool. Interested to know how it works out for you.


Brandi. said...

There is a PC version, although it's not quite as pretty.
It's called Readerware: http://www.readerware.com/.

I think the weird privacy policy is because they probably get a kick back through Amazon's book service--they'll need the information in the link in order to make the commission. That's just my hunch.

I asked for an isbn scanner for my birthday. I'm looking forward to linking my whole library. I'm such a dork.