Writing and Reading Group

I'm thinking of starting up a writing and reading group. Writers could pitch ideas to readers and use them as a focus group., then write short stories or longer pieces that the reaaders would then give their feedback on. This works well for the writers because they get a single cohesive group that sees them through the process. It works well for the readers because they get to see a story from the gem of an idea to the finsihed piece and get to influence a writer.

What do you think? Are you interested? What side do you want to be on? I'm debating about whether a person can be both a writer and a reader... Your thoughts are appreciated.


Club Sammich said...

I'd join up as a reader. You don't want to see my fiction. Really. :-)

Brandi. said...

We'll put you down as a reader.
But, this begs the question, what about your non fiction?

Club Sammich said...

I don't write non-fiction. Just look at my weblogs. :-)

Anonymous said...

this sounds like fun. i have more time to read than write though. :(

Brandi. said...

That's not a problem. :)