I went to the Printer's Row Book Fair this weekend. I've always wanted to go and this was my first opportunity. People drove all the way from Michigan and Wisconsin to see it. I love that people are as enamored with books as I am.

There were so many wonderful independent book stores and quite a few small publishers as well. Everyone was incredibly approachable. Including the author of The Bernstein Bears.

Two things: one, why was Borders there? They had a gigantic tent and also were selling on the bottom floor of the library. Two, my favorite small press: preaching the doomsday. The end of the world, the aliens that are coming to get us, how the capitalist pigs are ruining this country. Not to belittle someone else's political ideals, but I find it quite amusing that the UFO guys are now being grouped in with the socialists.

Today's Reading:
Human Biology, Sylvia S. Mader, Pg. 34.
Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward, Pg. 123.

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Anonymous said...

Hi B, It is cool that you have comments. I just finished I, Robot by Asimov. I have some child development books lined up next. K