Winnie The Pooh

There's something very satisfying about finishing a children's book.
Just finished Winnie-the-Pooh.

I had never read it before. I've only seen the Disney version on TV, but this was the original. I checked it out for the nephews, but never got around to reading it with them. I knew it was a children's classic and thought I should get around to reading it.

The stories are short enough to be read before bedtime (although I read them in two big chunks) but challenging enough to get the imagination jumpstarted. My favorite story was when Kanga and Roo moved into the forest. The gang plans on tricking Kanga into leaving by replacing Roo with Piglet. They succeed, but Kanga realizes it is a trick and proceeds to treat Piglet like Roo, under his great protests. It's great.

I also love the original illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard. The pen and ink drawings are simple and stunning.

This is a world I'd like to live in. I would be Rabbit. Or Kanga--she is the only girl.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brands! I enjoyed reading your recent comments. I am also going to read a few children's books this summer. I recommend reading some fairy tales. We discussed a few of the classics in the class I attended at Emerson last week. It was an eye-opening discussion. Some of the messages we are sending our children at a young age may plant ideas in their head, especially if the environments they are growing up in support these messages. (i.e. "Little Mermaid" - Should we encouraged little girls to give up their beautiful lives under the sea, their families, and above all, their VOICES in order to convince a man they've never met to fall in love with them?)

On a lighter note, I'm currently reading "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd. It's great. I think you'd like it.